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4515Re: I've found DB's Seattle address in 1928!

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  • Cadia
    Mar 9, 2010
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      Hello, all ...

      Here's a view of the house taken in February 1952; by that time it had been converted from a single-family dwelling to a rooming house:


      The clapboard exterior has been replaced by shingles and the decorative "fishscale" and geometric designs have given way to plain clapboard under the eaves. It appears that the chevron design below the porch railing is covered. Notice, also, that the dogwood and camellia are gone.

      This later view shows 2 of the houses to the south. (There were at least 3 houses and a small apartment building according to a 1917 Sanborn map.) Also visible is the single-story addition on the north side of the house, which may have been there in 1928 but not in 1883. I can't determine if the low building at left belongs to the house up the hill or is the double garage shared by Nos. 432 and 428.

      Today, the main entrance to the Belmont Court apartments (424 Belmont East) is just about where the "addition" was, though somewhat closer to the sidewalk. The front corner of the building is actually its parking garage; it has a balcony that remarkably suggests the original front porch of No. 432!

      Side story: In 1987, I did some freelance work for a condo homeowners association located about a block north of the Belmont/Republican intersection. Quite often I walked this very block from my old apartment about 8 blocks south. I'm rather glad the site was a parking lot by then; I would have been very upset to learn all these years later that I could have lived there!

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