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4514The Talisman -- L. I. D. G. T. T. F. T. A. T. I. M.

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  • Cadia
    Mar 6 11:31 PM
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      Hello, all ...

      Remember I said I've read several versions of The Talisman? The story appeared a number of times in newspaper columns of the 1930s and 1940s, and DB's pass-alongs were circulated widely. However, this must surely be the strangest interpretation of the story I've ever seen!

      Huntington and Mount Union, Pennsylvania
      Friday, April 23, 1954
      Society & Club News
      Page 11, Columns 1-2


      The April meeting of the Roberta Dutlinger Sunday School Class of the Mount Union Presbyterian Church was held at the home of Mrs. M. D. Cunningham with Mrs. Kathryn Heath and Miss Betty Herkness as co-hostesses. Mrs. Robert M. Longacre of Mount Union, president of the Woman's Twentieth Century Club, was the guest speaker and she was intensely entertaining as well as informing as she used for
      her subject "Don Blanding, the Vagabond Poet. . . ."

      After the important business session the program of the evening was enjoyed. Miss Delia Herr led the group in singing two hymns "Christ Arose" and "In The Garden." Mrs. Charles Appleby accompanied at the piano.

      Mrs. Longacre was then presented by Mrs. Dutlinger and she entertained members of the class with her fine talk. She reminded her hearers that Don Blanding had gone to Hawaii to recuperate from a nervous breakdown. He met a man who became a close personal friend. He gave him a slogan by which to regain his health, his faith in himself and others to go on in his inspiring work of writing. This slogan was L. I. D. G. T. T. F. T. A. T. I. M. which stands for this prayer "Lord, I do give Thee thanks for the abundance that is mine." Don Blanding's life was greatly influenced by making this a part of his life.

      Mrs. Dutlinger gave two readings, "What Does Easter Mean to You? and "My Easter Wish." The group sang the beautiful Easter hymn, "He Lives" in closing the program.


      For the record, DB arrived in Hawaii in December 1916; he probably met Mike Hanapi between then and 1928; and the conversation between Mike and DB took place about 1931 at Helen Alexander's mainland Laniakea near Westport, Connecticut. At the time, DB may have been suffering from depression, maybe even a nervous breakdown, but that was years after he had ventured to Hawaii!

      I'm starting a collection of "myths" about DB; there are plenty of them in print.