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4511Capt. Ted Narramore

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  • Cadia
    Mar 6, 2010
      Hello, all ...

      We know that DB and Ted Narramore were great friends, and that their trip in the fall of 1952 was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for DB. Now, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story:

      The Seattle Times, November 4, 1953

      Book on Joy Has Sad Dedication

      DON BLANDING, author, poet and lecturer, in Seattle for a series of lectures, revealed a sad story behind the dedication of his latest book.

      Blanding dedicated the book, "Joy is an Inside Job," to a longtime friend, Capt. Ted Narramore, on whose freighter the poet recently completed a two-month trip through the islands of the Pacific.

      "It was a wonderful trip," said Blanding. "We hit such exciting-sounding places as Yap and Kapingamarangi -- exotic places and islands where the natives live timeless lives."

      Back in the United States last summer Blanding air-mailed the first copy of the new book to Narramore in Guam.

      The book was returned to Blanding. He later learned that Narramore was one of the 59 persons on a plane that was lost in the Pacific at the time the book was en route to him.


      According to an online record, the plane was Transocean Air Lines Flight 512 on July 12, 1953, bound from Wake Island via Honolulu to Oakland. The Douglas DC-6A, with 50 passengers and 8 crew aboard, was lost at sea about 8:41 a.m. approximately 325 miles east of Wake Island. The cause was not determined, but there were thunderstorms and turbulence in the area. Fourteen bodies and all life rafts were recovered. The plywood panel from the navigator's table was recovered with the words "falling in" written on it. There is some speculation that a bomb caused the accident. The aircraft was named "The Royal Hawaiian."

      I've posted the item, too, in Files > Friends and Colleagues of DB.

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