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4487Re: Don Blanding Genealogy

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  • Cadia
    Jan 24, 2010
      Hi, TJ ...

      No, Sarah Kimble Hudson was the MOTHER of Charles Sutherland Hudson, the banker in Bend, Oregon, for whom DB went to work in late May, 1912. Sarah was DB's aunt (sister of Ida Kimble Blanding) and therefore Charles S. is DB's 1st cousin. The wife of Charles S. was Gertrude McCormick, daughter of Nelson McCormick and Ella Jane Gates.

      The photo you have of DB from the Great Plains Museum is NOT with Sarah. That photo clearly shows a copy of Hula Moons, which was published in 1930. So it is incorrectly identified as DB and sarah in Bend in 1912! Lora has so advised the museum. I have since seen several photos of Sarah and the woman in the photo does not resemble her at all.

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