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    Jan 23, 2010
      So Sarah Hudson is the wife of the Bend Banker that DB went to work for right after graduation? If so I copied a picture from the Great Plains museum of her and DB.....assuming we are talking about the same person???? I'll also look through my folders as I copied some material from the Bend Library/Historical Society when I had the Blandingmobile there a few years ago. I can contribute that as needed if it would help. I'll look for it in my mess of files. I walked in old town Bend and found the address that DB lived at when he wrote Joy Is An Inside Job. The building was locked up tight and I couldn't get in or I would have sluethed the entire building. tj

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      Since last June, Lora T. and I have been corresponding as she seeks more information on her Hudsons. Both Jack and his mother have been very helpful in contributing bits and pieces. I also connected Lora with a Hudson-McCormick researcher who has supplied photos of several family mebers -- most notably DB's Aunt Sarah Kimble Hudson, her husband Louis Polydore Hudson and some of their children.

      Jack H. is a great-grandson of Sarah and Louis by way of their 4th child, Helen. Two of Helen's daughters are still lving, Betty (Jack's mom) and Barbara (aunt "Bobbins").

      Lora is descended via an uncle of Louis P. Hudson. The Hudson-McCormick researcher that I mentioned is descended from a sister of Gertrude McCormick, who was the wife of Charles S. Hudson, elder son of Sarah and Louis. Charles and Getrude lived with their children in Bend, Oregon from about 1908 through about 1930.

      While I am leaving most of the Hudson research to Lora, I have obtained some material from the Bend Bulletin and will do a bit more microfilm sleuthing soon. The Hudsons' first daughter, Dorotha, was born on January 29, 1909 and died in July 1910. I discovered her gravesite listed on findagrave.com and paid for sponsorship. Right now, Lora and I are trying to figure out if another child (infant) named D.E. Hudson and also buried in Pilot Butte cemetery in Bend (1917), is one of our Hudsons. All I have right now is a findagrave.com listing and a location, and the sources in Bend are coming up with nothing. The good news is that the Hudson-McCormick researcher's mother lives in Bend, and he's asked her to locate and photograph the gravesite.

      Just now my commputer is on the fritz and I need to rely on library and other public computers -- which drastically cuts into my online time. However, I will try to stay in touch as best I can.


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      > Cadia is the expert and has posting Don's genealogy right here on the group page along with photos too. Lora

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