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446[aloha-donblanding] Interest in Blanding

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  • Sunny L Worel
    Feb 22, 2000

      I have been posting a lot the last few days and thought I might say a few
      words about why I joined your list.

      Well, the short of it is that I picked up a copy of Vagabond's House six
      months ago and LOVED it. I was curious to see that other people were
      interested in it. I had never met anybody who had heard of it!

      The long of it is an odd story.

      I had a great aunt who was murdered in 1931 by Winnie Ruth Judd. It is a
      very famous case especially since there was no real motive and the
      extraordinary way the body was disposed of.

      Anyway, the family knew nothing of her except for this grisly fact. I
      started looked at the fabulous pictures of her travels, her teaching life
      in Alaska, etc. I wanted to know more about who she was.

      Newspapers reported excerpts from her diary. I looked for the diary
      without success. Anyway, on September 28 of 1931, apparently, she wrote
      in her diary:

      love me love, but love me lightly
      Weave no silken gauze to tie me.
      I acknowledge most contritely
      Vows are bonds that irk and try me.

      If you find a strand endfolds me
      Flick a careless finger through it
      Break the gossamer that holds me.
      But, be sure I see you do it.

      One newspaper had one of her letters reprinted that said, "Yes, you sent
      me Vagabond's House and I love it."

      So, I picked it up. It hadn't been checked out here at Minnesota in at
      least 20 years!

      She travelled about alot. Her brother even went down to the Keys and was
      on Hemingway's boat for a year. He wrote articles for a newspaper called,
      the wandering boy series. Many of Blandings poems seem to capture the
      Vagabond spirit the both of them must have had. At least I currently
      believe so!


      Sunny Worel sunny@...
      Bio-Medical Library http://umn.edu/home/sunny
      University of Minnesota (612) 626-4583
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