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  • Tom Markle
    May 11, 2009
      The Blandingmobile has been following the footsteps of our Vagabond Poet for many years. Today, I sat in the town square in Taos, N. M., contemplating where he might have been while here. I came across a sign outside of the Taos Historical Society describing some artists (Don was not mentioned) who helped create some murals with the help of the 1934 WPA. So, I wondered, is that how or why Don actually got to Taos? Did he help with some of these murals? He was bankrupted by the depression, lived in an artist colony in Connecticut and drifted back to Lawton. Taos and Lawton are but 500 miles apart. Did he then come to Taos and then revived his career? I don't really know but it has possibilities. I've made some contact with Taos Historical Society people and will pursue this a little further as information develops. It is fun to trace the footsteps and maybe even walk in them a little bit....tj
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