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    Jan 12, 2009
      If you go onto Cadia's site and click into the auction site, you'll come up with an ebay site that sells a lot of DB books for low cost. No particular book has anymore art than any other. You should be able to pick up copies for $15 and under. There are reprints of some of his earlier books but the quality isn't there compared to the original books. There are a number of books that you wouldn't' be aware of that contain his art but they are much more costly, i.e., Land Of Gold, which might fetch upwards of $150 depending on condition. You'll see a variety of prices, just wait till one comes up that you can afford and bid on it. Also, go to Keith's website for more information on DB. Keith has a great website and you can learn a lot from him..tj

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      Thank You!!
      Which of his books might contain the most of the Hawaiian art? Are they available in re-print?

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      As of today, there are no publications that catalog his artwork. His drawings are contained in his individual books, romance note cards, scattered artwork and some magazines. Don would publish a new book with new poetry and new artwork, though towards the end of his career he merely replicated artwork from prior books. He did do some new artwork but much of it was from prior publications. This existed from about 1948ish to his death in 1957. Hope that answers your question sufficiently. tj

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      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Newbie question

      I ran accross Don's black and white sketches while doing an internet
      search for Hawaiian Art. Having lived in Hawaii and attended high
      school there I am very interested in all things Hawaii.
      Can anyone tell me if there are any publications that contain or
      catalog his art work. Specifically the black and white
      drawings/sketches? Do his poetry books contain art work or are there
      books devoted to his drawings.
      Thank You.
      Andy Edson

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