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4413DB's trademark signature

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  • Tom Markle
    Dec 3, 2008
      I've been having fun going through my collection of letters/postcards and other ephemera
      including his books researching and tracking his "Bird" signature. It's been interesting to see
      the variations of the "Ol' Oofus Goofus Bird" as he humorously called him. The "Goofus"
      spoke different languages, wore different hats, took a few different bird forms and became
      Don's muse at times. Then of course is his usual "DB" signature for his artwork which
      appeared either in the left or right bottom of each piece. Most of my artwork shows his "DB"
      in the lower right but there are a couple that are in the lower left. His first acknowledgment
      of the "Bird" is in his 1939 book, DRIFTERS GOLD pg 128 with picture and poem dedicated to
      THE GOOFUS BIRD. I'm presently going through all my papers with hopes of pin pointing a
      date or year that the "Goofus" actually began appearing in his signature.
      Most of our group wouldn't know of his first page in the unpublished "No Strings on
      Tomorrow" which is about the Oofus Goofus and its meaning to Don. He really was attached
      to it and his last manuscript outlines it quite well.
      Just thought I'd stimulate the thoughts of the group on this seemingly trivial but
      interesting project I've been involved in. Any thoughts or observations different from what I
      know are invited....but....beware that I might use them in my future writings.......smiles and
      happy holidays from tj.....tj