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4409[aloha-donblanding] DB writes from New York about his Paris sojourn, 1924

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  • Allen Dayton
    Oct 8, 2008
      Having just returned from France a week ago, I found this to be a great
      piece of work. DB really has a great way with words. Being an Okie
      from Lawton and being of a certain age, I found the part about the
      schoolteachers from Tulsa very funny. I believe this was written during
      prohibition which also made for the interesting comments. Thank you
      Cadia for finding it and posting it.

      Al Dayton

      Hello, all ...

      I have finally obtained a copy of the second article that DB wrote
      for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in 1924. It is headlined "Millions
      for Headdress, But --- Blanding Goes to Paris to Study Costumes and
      Finds Little Costume to Study" and was published on October 18,
      nearly 2 months after he arrived back in the States.

      Illustrating the article is a wonderful sketch of DB "done in the
      Cafe of the Dead Rat in Paris by the famous artist C. G. C.

      You will find my transcription and the sketch in

      Files > Publications > Honolulu Star-Bulletin > 1924 Articles by Don

      and at


      The photocopy provided by the library at the University of Hawaii is
      marred throughout by striations, and of course they thoughtfully
      stamped the copyright notice directly on the illustration. But
      after more than a year in search of this article, I'll take what I
      can get!

      And, no, I could find no information about the artist known as C. G.



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