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4403Re: [aloha-donblanding] Blandings Poem in movie "Star Night at the Coconut Grove"

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  • Keith Emmons
    Sep 19, 2008

      I believe only the first four or five lines were spoken in the film...by
      actor Leo Carillo.


      On 9/18/08 12:19 PM, "Bob M" <goldfest@...> wrote:

      > I just happened to be idly watching an old movie on TV a few days ago, and it
      > turned out to be very good and entertaining.  Then there was someone in the
      > movie reciting this very good poem about Hollywood.  And his reading was
      > totally excellent.  And it occured to me this sounds like a Don Blanding poem,
      > but I thought well that is probably not the case.   Then in the last day or
      > two I was looking at Keith's timeline of Blanding which for some reason I had
      > not seen before.  And there was a line that said Don's poem Hollywood was used
      > in the movie "Star Night at the Coconut Grove" I believe in 1937.  So I had
      > been right after all.  A couple of comments/questions on this. 
      > Thanks Keith for that excellent and very detailed time line. 
      > Does anyone know if this movie is available as a download?  Or available to
      > order as a DVD?   I recommend the movie, by the way, if you have not seen it. 
      > Did they change up the poem for the movie?  That is one reason I want to get
      > the movie to check that.  A screenplay of the movie might reveal something
      > here, although not conclusively.
      > This is the way it reads in Vagabond's House:
      >      Hollywood . . . Hollywood . . .
      >      Fabulous Follywood . . .
      > Celluloid Babylon, glorious, glamorous,
      >      City delirious,
      >      Frivolous, serious,
      > Goal of ambitious and vicious and clamorous.
      >      Here are the infamous,
      >      Innocent, sinfamous,
      > Striving, conniving to gain recognition,
      >      Faddists, fanatics
      >      And men who make batiks,
      > Trying and crying in mad competiton.
      >      Milllionaire movie queens,
      >      Milliners, Magdalenes,
      > Movie-bug bitten, a fatal affliction.
      >      Eager young sextra girls,
      >      Sinuous sextra girls,
      > Fighting for fame in the flickering fiction.
      >      Beauties from Budapest,
      >      Bangor and Bucharest,
      > Cuties from Cairo in lovely profusion.
      >      Scripts and scenarios,
      >      Leering Lotharios,
      > Grease-paint and gossamer, dreams and illusion.
      >      Treachery, loyalty,
      >      Celluoid royalty,
      > Pickfords and Chaplins, de Milles and the Gishes,
      >      Stars meteoric,
      >      Romantic, caloric,
      > Peers in the kingdom of visions and wishes. 
      >      Drama, a city full,
      >      Tragic and pitiful,
      > Bunk, junk and genius amazingly blended.
      >      Tawdry, tremendous,
      >      Absurd and stupendous,
      > Shoddy and cheap . . . and astoundingly splendid.
      >      Hollywood . . . Hollywood,
      >      Fabulous Follywood . . .
      > Target for censor, reformer and deacon,
      >      They say you are a harlot,
      >      Your sins are as scarlet
      > Perhaps you're a goddess that bears a bright beacon.  
      > Any comments from anyone on this poem.  My thought is that well it sure fits
      > today as it did some 70 years ago.   And I hope they didn't change a word for
      > the movie.  It needed no change.  And I hope my typing above got it right. 
      > The indentions I was not sure how to do, but hope they transmit OK.  If not
      > and you have "Vagabond's House" it is on pages 96 and 97.  And I think the
      > movie is running some now but I do not recall if it is Turner Classic Movies
      > or some other network. 
      > BobM
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