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44[aloha-donblanding] Re: Don Blanding genealogy

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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 22, 2000
      Found the notes, made in January 1998, that I forwarded to a correspondent who is a distant relative of Don Blanding; however, I no longer have a current e-mail address for this person.


      I received some information from my contact in Wisconsin. It looks like Joseph M Blanding and Maria Blanding were Hugh Ross Blanding's parents, per the Grant County 1850 census. They had 2 children, James and Emma, at that time.

      The appear in Waterstown, Grant Co., in 1860, although Joseph M seems to be recorded as Joseph W. The best information appears in the 1870 census, Lancaster, Grant Co., WI. Here, it appears that James C. as an adult is no longer in the household, and that there were 8 other children including Don Blanding's father, Hugh Ross Blanding. I am including the Polk County references as well, though I don't know what relationship, if any, they may have to the Grant County Blandings.

      The 1860 census has additional Waterstown names that may not belong to the Joseph and Maria household.

      Do you have any information on your own family that would support these names and locations?

      Below is the verbatim e-mail that I received:


      [Joseph & Maria...DB's grandparents?]
      1850 census Grant Co District 24 page 52
      August 20th 1850 Joseph M Blanding 30 Farmer worth $1000 Born PA
      Maria 21 born WI
      James 2 born WI
      Emma 5/12 born WI

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

      1860 census index:
      Could not find them in the city or by page number given...seems to be 2 families in separate counties

      Polk Co, St Croix Falls
      Eliza Anne

      Grant Co, Waterstown
      Hugh R
      James C
      Jesse M
      Joseph W
      Mary E
      Morris D

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --------

      1870 Polk Co St Croix

      Amos, Eliza, Eliza, Emma, Eugene, Franklin, Frederick, John
      Mary, Josephine, May, Parley, Mira, Sarah, Seymour, William

      1870 Richland Co, Richwood
      Brazilla, Mary A, Walter

      1870 Oconto Co, Pestigo

      [Joseph & Maria appear to be Hugh Ross Blanding's parents...DB's grandparents.] 1870 Grant Co, Lancaster

      Joseph 52 Surveyor worth $3000, $500 born PA
      Maria 42 born WI
      Emma 20 born WI
      Hugh 18 born WI
      Jessie (female) 16 born WI
      Libbie 12 born WI
      Walter 10 born WI
      Joseph 8 born WI
      Sheridan 4 born WI
      Frank 2 born WI


      Can anyone offer any further information about these Blandings? Please feel free to dive in here...any genealogists among us?


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