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438[aloha-donblanding] Re: Interesting reference?

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  • Cadia Los
    Feb 22, 2000

      DeSoto Brown's name has been on a card in my wallet for years. I
      finally removed it this month when I changed purses to go to Texas.
      Since I'm at work right now, I'm not sure if the article you cite is
      the one on my card, but I do know I could not get a copy.

      So can you get a good, clear, sharp copy of the article and send it to
      me? My mailing address is on my website. If you can get a clear,
      readable scan, that would be OK, too.

      Note to Keith: the DB illustration in Asia, July 1930, is the facing
      page to the article...that's why it's termed "frontispiece."

      I also have a photocopy of the other article from Asia. If anyone
      would like a photocopy, I think it will come out pretty good. I went
      through heck and a major rainstorm to get a copy made from a library
      bound volume, some years ago. The Seattle library's copiers are
      terrible, so I talked a history department clerk into letting me remove
      the volume from the premises. Believe me, if I'd needed ID in the

      I also have notes from searching years of Reader's Guide to Periodical
      Literature, the NY Times Index and similar indices. I may have pulled
      copies of the items, but likely have only citations for most. I'll add
      info to the database later this week.

      In my files, I found a great article on DB from "Let's Live." Does
      anyone have copies of this publication, say about 1949 or 1950?
      Apparently, the October 1949 issue has a cover photo of DB's artwork.

      Off the the library!

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