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4360Re: [aloha-donblanding] PAINTING of AUNTY PINAU

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  • Heidi Wright
    May 8, 2008
      For years now I have read, almost daily all of the posting to this group. My mom died when I was young but I did learn from her the love of all things Don Blanding so when I stumbled upon your group years ago I subscribed. I feel like I know most of you although we have never met. I live in Olympia Wa and this week I was in Portland Oregon and someone told me of a very large used bookstore so I went to go see if they had any Don Blanding books I did not have. This bookstore is HUGE and I was able to add 5 new books to my collection!!!! The book store is called Powells and they have a web site where you can check and see what books they have. I could not think of anyone who be excited for me about my wonderful luck today except you all. So to Bev and the whole group today I found:
           Another Original Vagabond House (I always buy them when I find them to give to friends)
          Pilots Bail Out
          Mostly California
           Song of the Seven Senses
      I thought of you all and knew you would understand how excieted I am. So now I am going to go crawl into bed and read about Florida or maybe Hawaii....... so some other tropical location.

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      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] PAINTING of AUNTY PINAU

      Aloha to all,

      A friend just sent this to me from Hawaii when I asked her if she knew of
      Auntie Pinau. If you don't see the picture, go to the web site at the



      <http://www.surfnhul a.com/shopping/ shopexd.asp? id=2473>

      Very important, signed original oil by much sought after and collected
      Hawaiian artist D. Howard Hitchcock 1861 - 1943. Very unusual portrait of
      'Aunty Pinau'. Kalaukalani, (Aunty) Pinau (died 1935) was a local Hawaiian
      personality around the turn of the century, friend to many of the local
      artists, entertainers and writers, she is referred to and written about in
      early publications by Don Blanding, among others. Image size 12 x 16; 19 1/2
      x 23 1/2 vintage frame titled: 'Auntie Pinau' on reverse. A very rare
      offering at a much lower than usual price. Nearly 100 years old but still
      excellent condition!
      We will include the childs book Aunty Pinau's Banyan Tree just for fun.

      Retail price: $


      Buy It! <http://www.surfnhul a.com/shopping/ shopexd.asp? catalogid= 2473>

      <http://www.surfnhul a.com/Vintage_ Surfboards_ Hawaiiana/ HOWARD-HITCHCOCK -PAIN
      TING-AUNTY-PINAU. htm>
      http://www.surfnhul a.com/Vintage_ Surfboards_ Hawaiiana/ HOWARD-HITCHCOCK -PAINT
      ING-AUNTY-PINAU. htm

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