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43531917 Honolulu Advertiser: DB's Laniakea studio, Army enlistment

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  • Cadia Los
    Apr 11, 2008
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      Hello, all ...

      I have finished reading microfilm from the Pacific Commercial
      Advertiser (later known as the Honolulu Advertiser) for July 1 -
      December 31, 1917.

      Among the special bits I have found are a description of DB's
      Laniakea studio, where he hosted a party for pianist Frank Moss on
      August 3, and the details of his Army enlistment on December 15.

      I have placed these articles in

      Files > Publications > Honolulu Advertiser > 1917 Articles on Don

      Still lots to sort through and decide what to publish. However, I
      do want to let Yvette know that I found 11 poems by Herbert M.
      Ayres, published between July 1 and November 18. Also, Micheal P.,
      I have a number of articles about Twigg Smith's art, Army enlistment
      and family.

      There are also articles about art exhibits, theater, memorials to
      Jack London, government commandeering of the Matson liners and the
      Great Northern and Northern Pacific, the war effort and the social
      scene. After mid-May, there were no more DB editorial cartoons;
      that job went to H. Nelson Poole, an artist best known for his fine
      etchings and brother of John Poole, an artist on the Star-Bulletin
      staff. DB's decorative heading for the Society Section appeared
      from time to time through the remainder of 1917.

      As we already know, DB's mother, Ida Kimble Blanding, visited
      Honolulu from September 18 to October 23. During that time, DB
      appeared as the title character in the Lanai Players' production
      of "The Perplexed Husband." That may have been the first and only
      time she saw him on the stage outside of any school productions in

      While DB may not have been directly involved in everything, I
      believe he certainly was affected and influenced by his surroundings
      and the people he met. Just being part of the Honolulu art scene
      must have been a heady experience indeed!

      One item I will publish is a lovely description of the lunar rainbow
      that occurred during an eclipse near the end of December 1917. The
      article is unsigned, and I doubt that DB wrote it, but his oft-
      expressed love of lunar rainbows may have had its genesis that night.

      More later ...