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43341917 Honolulu Advertiser: DB editorial cartoons & other artwork

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  • Cadia Los
    Feb 23, 2008
      Hello, all ...

      After reading 2-1/2 months of the 1917 Honolulu Advertiser (called the
      Pacific Commercial Advertiser at this time), I was beginning to
      despair of ever finding any mention of Don Blanding or his cartoons.

      Then came March 13, 1917. Jackpot! Not only was there a 2-column

      Plans New Feature For This Paper

      that includes a "poster design . . . from a magazine cover" and "a
      sketch of himself by himself," but the first of 41 political cartoons
      to appear the Editorial page over the next 2 months. I think we can
      safely say this was DB's first work published in Honolulu, less than 3
      months after his arrival.

      In addition, there are 5 other cartoons from various sections of the
      newspaper, and a recurring Society Section heading that shows
      the "pretty ladies" style with which we are all familiar. This
      heading was used until May 27, occasionally replaced by illustrations
      of Ned Steel (who also did some editorial cartoons) and later Nelson
      H. Poole (whose brother John Poole was on the art staff of the Star-

      After May 14, and through the end of June, I found no other Blanding
      cartoons in the Advertiser. Possibly he was too busy preparing for
      the major multi-artist exhibit that opened June 1. At the time, DB
      also was particpating in the opening of the Lanai Theater and in
      festivities for Kamehameha Day. I am hoping that more of DB's work
      will appear July-December, the next batch of microfilm on order.

      To be honest, DB's first 2 or 3 editorial cartoons did not impress me,
      either as Blanding artwork or as political commentary. Then he really
      hit his stride and produced some of the finest work I have ever seen
      on an editorial page ... anywhere. Perhaps it helps that the subjects
      are primarily World War I and the Hawaii legislature, lending
      themselves to both strong opinions and a bit of humor.

      I have scanned and uploaded only the first 3 cartoons in

      Files > Illustrations > Don Blanding > Cartoons

      and you also may view them at




      The self-portrait is at


      and the accompanying text is in

      Files > Publications > Honolulu Advertiser > 1917 Articles on Don

      The magazine cover illustration, by the way, is of a young woman and a
      parrot; it is difficult to reproduce from the microfilm print, but
      I'll give it another try.

      As time permits, I will add more images. For now, here is a list of
      the cartoons:

      Cartoons by Don Blanding
      Pacific Commercial Advertiser (Honolulu Advertiser)
      March 13 - May 14, 1917

      Page 4 (Editorial), Columns 3-5, except as noted

      3/13/17 The Promptings of Humanity
      3/14/17 The Problem of the Ages
      3/17/17 Columbia's Sword Loose in the Scabbard
      3/18/17 With the Artist At the A. A. U. Meet*
      3/20/17 She Was a Good Old Craft, Too!
      3/21/17 For Services Rendered
      3/22/17 A Master Stroke -- Striking for Home
      3/23/17 In the Eagle's Claws
      3/24/17 The Ruler of the Waterfront
      3/25/17 Some Events of the Week As the Artist Saw Them*
      3/26/17 Hawaii Has But One Flag Today
      3/27/17 Why Pinkham Should Have a "Contingent" Fund
      3/28/17 One Measure of Preparedness
      3/29/17 How That Cat has Grown
      3/30/17 In the Eyes of the World
      3/31/17 Changing Into His Fighting Clothes
      4/01/17 It Was Such a Lovely Dream!
      4/01/17 Impressions of the Motor Car Tramp*
      4/03/17 Armed Right
      4/04/17 Eager For the Battle
      4/05/17 A Real Menace Today
      4/06/17 More Hands Across the Sea
      4/07/17 Moving Into His Place
      4/08/17 An Old Refrain Put to A New Use
      4/10/17 Call to Arms
      4/10/17 Lanai Theater opening (costumes)*
      4/11/17 One Debt He Cannot Evade
      4/12/17 The Man of the Hour
      4/14/17 Then We May Talk Peace
      4/15/17 Patriots By the Clock
      4/17/17 About Time to Get Busy**
      4/18/17 Good for a Starter
      4/19/17 Up to the Business Men
      4/20/17 The Montana Maids Feel Right at Home *
      4/22/17 The News As the Cartoonist Saw It
      4/24/17 Keeping the Blindfold On
      4/25/17 The Boy Scout Will Show the Way
      4/26/17 Ready To Meet All Demands
      4/27/17 To Put on the Finish
      4/30/17 "Those Who Can't Shoot Must Dig"
      5/01/17 His Tamed Tiger Is getting Out of Hand
      5/02/17 Packing Up What's Left
      5/04/17 Honolulu's Continuous Performance
      5/08/17 Will They Register Today?
      5/10/17 A Boy She May Be Proud Of (no signature)
      5/14/17 The Worst Victim After All

      * Non-editorial cartoons, various sections (5)
      ** First appearance of the bird (cockatoo?) as commentator

      46 cartoons, of which 5 are non-editorial
      Society Section heading first appeared 3/25/17

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