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4274Re: [aloha-donblanding] Blanding and Christmas

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  • Allen
    Oct 21, 2007
      He was a big time Xmas guy. I can remember we always celebrated Xmas Eve after Gramp closed the last show at the theater. Was always around midnight. Gifts were exchanged by all. Other good friends from the "hood" always showed up. Some Hawaiians (Ane's), Chinese (Lee family) Japanese (Kusinokies) Korean (Hy & Phyllis) Gramp played the piano. We all sang carols. Plenty of food and ethnic treats. Everybody brought something to eat. (Plenty good kine local kau kau). No booze. Ahwe! Allen
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      Subject: RE: [aloha-donblanding] Blanding and Christmas

      I remember when the Balls stayed with Don in Carmel they decorated the whole
      house and had many folks stop in. Can't find that article or letter right
      now and don't recall anything about colors or cards.

      I do recall reading that the Ball's decorated a tree in blue one year and
      took it to Don, but don't recall what Christmas that was off the top of my
      head. Will let you know if I find it.



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      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Blanding and Christmas

      Maui Tom and his lovely wife Janice are interested in any information about
      Christmas and
      Don Blanding....did he do any artwork with a Christmas theme? Cards, post
      cards, Romance
      cards, Holiday cards, etc. I told them I would rack my brain for subject
      matter and have gone
      through all that I own but see nothing special for this holiday. Anyone else
      out there know of
      anything? I figure DB was single, no kids and didn't have much to celebrate
      at Christmas and
      didn't do anything special for it that I know of. Any takers? Aloha...tj

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