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    Oct 1, 2007
      I'm back on the mainland again. We didn't go to Oahu
      this trip. Would have stopped by if we had. I'd love
      to talk with you and see your collections...tj
      --- Michael Pfeffer <michael@...> wrote:

      > fm, are you still there? If so email me and perhaps
      > we canmeet up. Aloha michael
      > Message -----------------------
      > After 18 days on 3 islands and being a tourist if
      > you
      > will, I wondered as I walked down some of the
      > T-shirt
      > rows, what DB would think of his efforts to promote
      > tourism on the islands. I watched as cruise ships
      > came in and offloaded tourists from all over the
      > world
      > and they think or thought that they had really
      > experienced the "real" Hawaii while they shopped. I
      > sat on some beaches observing sunsets/sunrises
      > remembering DB's poetry and the way he alone could
      > describe it. I think it gave me a new impression
      > of
      > DB and the love he had for the Islands though I
      > think
      > he would shudder at what he helped create in
      > tourism.
      > I took many back roads in my rental car just to see
      > anything off the beaten tourist trail. It is, can
      > be,
      > lush green and homey. Just some thoughts....tj
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