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    Oct 1, 2007
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      After 18 days on 3 islands and being a tourist if you
      will, I wondered as I walked down some of the T-shirt
      rows, what DB would think of his efforts to promote
      tourism on the islands. I watched as cruise ships
      came in and offloaded tourists from all over the world
      and they think or thought that they had really
      experienced the "real" Hawaii while they shopped. I
      sat on some beaches observing sunsets/sunrises
      remembering DB's poetry and the way he alone could
      describe it. I think it gave me a new impression of
      DB and the love he had for the Islands though I think
      he would shudder at what he helped create in tourism.
      I took many back roads in my rental car just to see
      anything off the beaten tourist trail. It is, can be,
      lush green and homey. Just some thoughts....tj
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