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  • Linda Allred
    Sep 13, 2007
      I, personally, don't see that it matters and wouldn't want to spend the time trying to figure it out. What he's given to the world says enough as to what kind of man he was. Linda

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      This board has had conversations on this subject many times over the past 7-8 years, and
      the conclusion that we have reached is that we just don't know. He had a very public
      personna, but he was in fact a very private person. His close friends were very protective
      of his privacy and he lived in a time where sexual preferences were not openly talked

      He definately had girlfriends and was engaged to be married on at least three
      occasions... and did get married once, which ended in divorce after only a few years.

      He had male companions too, for lengths of time, which seem to be more intimate than
      would be normal for a mere friendship. They too didn't last very long though.

      So the feeling is that he was probably bi-sexual, but that he was not able to committ to
      relationships for more than a year or two.

      I have been researching Don personally for almost a decade now, and I have read
      hundereds of letters to and from him; read hundreds of articles and dozens of interviews;
      met and talked to people who knew him; and I can honestly say I have never seen any
      evidence that would point one way or another as to his sexual orientation.

      And the consensus amoung us is that it doesn't really matter one way or another anyway.
      He is defined by his verse, his art, and his many creative pursuits...and not by his love life,
      or lack thereof.

      Keith Emmons

      --- In aloha-donblanding@ yahoogroups. com, "canoeist35" <canoeist35@ ...> wrote:
      > I'm surprised to see that no one replied to my previous post
      > (below). Is there really nothing known by the DB aficionados in
      > this forum on such a fundamental aspect of his life? Or is this
      > possibly another case of people not wanting to discuss the subject?
      > That would seem the ultimate disrespect to DB, though, so I'm at a
      > loss on the silence here. Not one person had a reply to make on
      > this?
      > Michael
      > --- In aloha-donblanding@ yahoogroups. com, "canoeist35"
      > <canoeist35@ > wrote:
      > >
      > > This forum was suggested to me when I raised this general question
      > > during some discussions of Don Blanding's Vernonware designs on
      > > another board. I am curious about what, if anything, is known
      > about
      > > his broken engagement with Ruth Norton, and his divorce from the
      > > Binney woman (whose full name I forget right now). Reading
      > through
      > > the biographical material I've been able to find, including the
      > > timeline with all its details--plus a dozen or so of the poems--I
      > > did get occasional impressions of elements that were sometimes
      > parts
      > > of a closeted life. Is there anything definite known about Don
      > > Blanding's intimate relationships? He wrote so eloquently of
      > Hawaii
      > > not merely for its beauty, but also for its value as a refuge from
      > > the harsher world he had known. If someone were either homosexual
      > > or sexually ambivalent, the change from Oklahoma, say, to the
      > > tolerance and relaxed atmosphere he described in Hawaii would
      > > certainly have seemed that much more like paradise. Are there any
      > > known facts that would establish an answer to that issue quite
      > > plainly, one way or the other? It would certainly seem like there
      > > must be such facts on record somewhere. Yet the overall
      > impression
      > > I've received (to date) is one of pure mystery.
      > >
      > > Michael
      > >

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