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  • canoeist35
    Aug 29, 2007
      This forum was suggested to me when I raised this general question
      during some discussions of Don Blanding's Vernonware designs on
      another board. I am curious about what, if anything, is known about
      his broken engagement with Ruth Norton, and his divorce from the
      Binney woman (whose full name I forget right now). Reading through
      the biographical material I've been able to find, including the
      timeline with all its details--plus a dozen or so of the poems--I
      did get occasional impressions of elements that were sometimes parts
      of a closeted life. Is there anything definite known about Don
      Blanding's intimate relationships? He wrote so eloquently of Hawaii
      not merely for its beauty, but also for its value as a refuge from
      the harsher world he had known. If someone were either homosexual
      or sexually ambivalent, the change from Oklahoma, say, to the
      tolerance and relaxed atmosphere he described in Hawaii would
      certainly have seemed that much more like paradise. Are there any
      known facts that would establish an answer to that issue quite
      plainly, one way or the other? It would certainly seem like there
      must be such facts on record somewhere. Yet the overall impression
      I've received (to date) is one of pure mystery.

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