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    Aug 24, 2007
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      The 10 second rule in bidding is good if you are
      sitting at the computer. Because I'm gone so much I
      can't use the 10 second rule. Is there another way to
      bid that I don't know of? I'm willing to learn if
      there is. I usually figure out how much I can afford
      to bid and in the last day or so just put it in and
      hope. Sometimes it works. I usually try to collect
      the paper ephemera because Wekula collects the
      pottery. I have quite a bit of it and will donate it
      at the right time. I'm torn between donating to
      Oklahoma or Hawaii. I own about 6 original art pieces
      now. I've burned them to CD's for protection and
      backup. tj

      Cadia Los <duchess@...> wrote:

      > The recently imposed "anonymous" bidding applies
      > only to eBay
      > auctions that exceed $200, or that have BIN's or
      > reserve prices at
      > or above this amount.
      > There's some indication that eBay may relax this
      > lack of
      > transparency in the near future. The whole idea
      > was to prevent
      > scammers from contacting underbidders with fake
      > SCO's. Instead, a
      > large number of bidders have stopped bidding on
      > high-end items.
      > However, the successful bidder's ID is always
      > visible once the
      > auction closes. In the most recent example, the
      > high bidder is in
      > Massachusetts and seems to buy autographed items,
      > folk art and rare
      > books. Nothing to indicate this is a Blanding
      > collector.
      > Keith was Bidder 6 -- darn good snipe! -- and I
      > think TJ was Bidder
      > 1. While the bidders' names were still visible, I
      > did not see any
      > other ID's that I recognized. Forgot to write down
      > Bidders 2, 3 and
      > 4 while I had the chance. Bidder 5 is a relative
      > newbie, as
      > evidence by the multiple bids. I think the winner
      > (Bidder 7's
      > snipe) may have bid $500 or more. That's a classic
      > "go for broke"
      > strategy that I don't recommend unless you're
      > prepared to pay the
      > piper.
      > The trick to winning is to "bid once, bid late, bid
      > your max." This
      > prevents other bidders from challenging your bid and
      > eating away the
      > proxy. No guarantees of course, but showing your
      > interest early on
      > is just asking for trouble!
      > ~~Cadia
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