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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 23, 2007
      The recently imposed "anonymous" bidding applies only to eBay
      auctions that exceed $200, or that have BIN's or reserve prices at
      or above this amount.

      There's some indication that eBay may relax this lack of
      transparency in the near future. The whole idea was to prevent
      scammers from contacting underbidders with fake SCO's. Instead, a
      large number of bidders have stopped bidding on high-end items.

      However, the successful bidder's ID is always visible once the
      auction closes. In the most recent example, the high bidder is in
      Massachusetts and seems to buy autographed items, folk art and rare
      books. Nothing to indicate this is a Blanding collector.

      Keith was Bidder 6 -- darn good snipe! -- and I think TJ was Bidder
      1. While the bidders' names were still visible, I did not see any
      other ID's that I recognized. Forgot to write down Bidders 2, 3 and
      4 while I had the chance. Bidder 5 is a relative newbie, as
      evidence by the multiple bids. I think the winner (Bidder 7's
      snipe) may have bid $500 or more. That's a classic "go for broke"
      strategy that I don't recommend unless you're prepared to pay the

      The trick to winning is to "bid once, bid late, bid your max." This
      prevents other bidders from challenging your bid and eating away the
      proxy. No guarantees of course, but showing your interest early on
      is just asking for trouble!

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