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  • Karen Cotter
    Aug 21, 2007
      Did you hear that knocking? That was me, banging my head against the wall.

      My mother had the blue Hawaiian Flowers teapot, sugar bowl and creamer and one large coffee cup and saucer. When we divvied up our mother's trove, My sister took the teapot (no one liked it or used it as the design was nuts - the handle was - as you all know - bent in a "loop" downward and the spout tilted upward. If you tilted the pot enough by the koo koo handle, the tea ran out under the lid before it ran out the spout!
      Lots of tea on the table and none in the cup.

      Beautiful to look at, horrid to use. Anyway, my sister took the teapot and the sugar bowl and creamer. I chose the cup and saucer as I knew I would use it and enjoy it. And so I have. However, when I saw the escalating prices recently I e-mailed my sister as she is an eBay freak as am I. She sadly told me she'd broken the teapot some years ago by accident. Washed it and was holding it over the sink by the "loopy" handle and lost her soapy grip on it. Too bad, so sad. She does use the sugar and creamer though. We are pleased to see the escalating prices as we both have some Blanding odds and ends we picked up for nuttin' back in our garage and estate sale-ing days in the early '70s. You guys don't want to know what we paid for those things back then. *heh heh* All plates, however, nothing special.

      Karen Leilani -

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      From: keith2draw
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      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Re: We've created a monster....

      Yeah...I know what you mean. I bid up to $311.11 on that lot and STILL didn't get it (and I
      shouldn't have even been bidding at all due to my short supply of funds...but I couldn't
      resist). There's folks bidding on Blanding stuff that I've never seen before. More and more
      folks coming out of the woodwork. I realy think that alot of them are Vernon Kilns
      collectors who are branching out...and some others are Hawaiiana collectors (tiki stuff is a
      a real craze right now).

      But just remember what Don would say...it's all just stuff. Almost everything exept the
      personalized letters will come along again another day.


      --- In aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com, "Tom Markle" <tjmarkle@...> wrote:
      > Try as I might, I don't have the bread to buy and bid on our Ebay site.......I just keep
      > outbid with what little money I have to spend. I've tried to buy and preserve but just
      > keep up with the pricing these days. Too bad as we are losing out on keeping his
      > in our own house. I don't know some of the bidders but I hope they know what to do
      > it.......a disappointed tj......tj

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