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4212Re: DB letter to "Ma"

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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 12, 2007
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      Keith is probably right. Among all my examples of DB's signature, I
      find no "bird with a straw hat" prior to 1944.

      I also do not think DB traveled to Canada during his 1942 lecture
      tour. Reading his almost daily newspaper columns, it's pretty easy
      to figure out his route and schedule.

      DB began in Florida at the end of December 1941 and generally
      covered the Midwest and Far West. He was in Seattle in early April,
      where he wrote "Bataan Falls," then moved on to Portland. He was in
      California (Los Angeles, I think) when he registered for the draft
      in late April 1942. His return trip to Florida took him through
      Oklahoma and Texas. He arrived home in Fort Pierce barely in time
      for his 2nd wedding anniversary in mid June.

      However, the mention of Mother's Day and snow and the shivering bird
      tells me this note may have been written in Calgary about May 8,

      I have a jumbo postcard sent on that day to Lillian Meade in Houston:

      Calgary, Canada

      Snowing here today, May 8, so I can't go out and find local post
      cards. Will be on move until July second.

      Happy years to you.

      Don Blanding
      May 8, 1957

      The bird appears next to Aloha and again before Lillian's name on
      the address side of the card. The subject of the card is the Trail
      Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. In 1957,
      Mother's Day was on May 12.

      This postcard is one of my special treasures -- as we know, DB died
      in Los Angeles a month and a day later.

      It makes perfect sense that DB would use hotel stationery if he was
      snowed in and needed an envelope for the enclosure.

      By the way, one of DB's Star-Bulletin columns (Sept. 1953 - July
      1957) mentions the genesis of the little bird. I'm not sure if it's
      among the columns I've transcribed, but you might have a look.

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