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4207Re: DB letter to "Ma"

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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 8 3:47 AM
      TJ, I doubt the letter was written from Canada in May 1924. DB left
      Honolulu about May 23, long after Mother's Day, and would have been
      traveling by train across Canada in early June.

      In the article he wrote about his trip to London, he specifically
      mentions spring and the flowers, not snow.

      We can also rule out May 1921, 1922 and 1923 because DB was in
      Honolulu all three years. In 1926 he was in Hollywood and in 1927
      and 1928 in Honolulu.

      Possibly 1925? I am not sure exactly when DB returned from his London-
      Paris-New York sojourn or whether he traveled via Canada after
      wintering in New York. I'll have to review the 1925 material in my

      I have a June 1927 S-B article in which DB is quoted as having left
      Hawaii five times. So far, I can account for three times (October
      1918, May 1924 and early 1926).

      Your letter might date from as early as 1916 or from sometime in 1919-
      1920. We know DB was in Honolulu in May 1917 and 1918. After leaving
      Camp Grant after November 1918, DB remained in the Chicago area until
      at least early 1920. He may well have traveled to Canada during this

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