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4206DB letter to "Ma"

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  • Tom Markle
    Aug 7, 2007
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      I have an original letter from DB that appears to have been written and mailed from
      Canada. The letter logo is showing 3 Canadian hotels. I don't have the envelop to show me
      the date or where it was actually mailed. The text says: Hi, Ma! It's snowing up here.
      B.r.r.r....Happy Mothers Day. Buy yourself something giddly with this...Don (with usual bird
      signature). I'm interested in it because it appears to have been sent to his mom. I might
      assume it was during his trip to London in 1924? The time line is only important to me as it
      might be the earliest drawing of his famous bird/signature that I know of. I've been going
      through all that I own trying to predate the origin of the bird signature. Might this one be the
      holy grail??? There is a second bird in the letter which is a very detailed drawing of the bird
      wrapped in warm clothes a scarf and showing some scratchy eyes (like a cold or flu) and
      some rain drops coming down.
      Any ideas from all you experts out there? Did he call anyone else Ma??? The Hotels on the
      letter are the York in Calgary, the Marquis in Lethbridge and the Royal George in
      Edmonton....I assume they were owned by the same company at that time.......tj
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