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4204Ebay sale of rare Blanding items

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  • keith2draw
    Jul 29, 2007
      O.K., I'll admit it up front guys...I'm selling these items to raise some money for personal
      reasons. With two kids in daycare, a mortgage, and a computer that crashed last month,
      I'm severely low on funds. All I can hope is that these Blanding items stay in the "family."

      I'm selling a book that once belonged to Don in the early twenties. It has his own
      illustrated bookplate (never before seen artwork) and is signed and inscribed to a friend in
      1922. I bought it seven years ago, and have decided to part with it...to a good home. Ebay
      auction # 150146582004, or go to this link:


      Also for sale is a portrait print of Edythe Hope Genee that Don did in which he signed it in
      ink, as did Edythe. Included, is an original photo of Edythe...and a copy of her book BRIEF
      APRILS. Auction # 150146646599:


      I'm also selling a copy of IN A HAWAIIAN GARDEN...but what makes this special is that it
      has a dustjacket...something I have NEVER seen before. Auction # 150145114805:


      And finally, I created a new Blanding poster, SEA BUTTERFLIES, which was professionally
      scanned from a 1935 print. The colors are Teal & black, 12"x18", printed on 80# heavy-
      weight paper. On sale for $14.95 each, plus shipping. You can personally email me to
      order, or visit the ebay auction to see it:


      Thanks for looking, Keith
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