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4192S.S. Great Northern ad, San Francisco Chronicle 12-07-15

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  • Cadia Los
    Apr 15, 2007
      Hello, all ...

      I have recently obtained 15 San Francisco newspaper ads that
      document some voyages of the S.S. Great Northern and her sister
      ship, the Northern Pacific, in 1915 and 1916. One of these ads,
      from the San Francisco Chronicle of December 7, 1915, may be seen in

      Files>Publications>San Francisco Chronicle

      The ad promotes the Dec. 16, 1915, sailing of the Great Northern for
      Hilo and Honolulu.

      Both ships were on the San Francisco-Portland coast runs, but made
      winter-season runs to Hawaii. As nearly as I can determine, the
      Great Northern's first sailing to Hawaii was on November 26, 1915.
      Both ships were in Honolulu for the February 1916 Mid-Pacific

      In the 1916-17 season, one small ad from the Chronicle gives SF-Hilo-
      Honolulu sailing dates as Nov. 7, Nov. 27, Dec. 15, Jan. 4-23, Feb.
      12 and Mar. 5-23.

      I think the Dec. 15, 1916, sailing may have been changed to Dec. 18,
      having arrived in Honolulu on December 22. If DB was in Kansas
      City for the Dec. 10 opening of "Bird of Paradise," he would have
      had only a few days to visit his family in Lawton before taking the
      train to San Francisco to board the Great Northern. On that
      schedule, he would never have made a Dec. 15 sailing!