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4164Re: I need help in identifying 3 Blanding drawings

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  • Cadia Los
    Mar 28, 2007
      I think Jim has nailed it, but which year is the question.

      The auction clearly specifies "prints" and I queried the seller on
      this point while considering a bid. The notes added to the auction
      are in reference to my query. (The seller still can't
      spell "crinoline" but ....) And yes, I was prepared with a 1-second
      snipe if Keith's 7-second bid had been challenged!

      Keith, take a look at the S-B material you have from March through May
      1927 and October 1927. DB illustrated spring and fall "Fashion
      Numbers" and also did the "jewels" illustrations for Wall & Dougherty
      during this period. Is it possible the special newspaper sections
      were connected in some way to a Junior League fashon show that year?
      I'm sure I would have copied any relevant information, but all I have
      are copies of a few DB illustrations, no references to the Junior

      As shown by the examples in Files>Don Blanding>Illustrations, the 1927
      S-B illustrations are very much in the style of the illustrations
      shown by Jim and Keith.

      As you all may be aware, between us Keith and I have read the
      S-B from 1921 through 1928, except for the latter half of 1924
      (microfilm coming) and the elusive May 1923 (microfilm may not
      exist!). In all of this, the only reference I see so far connecting
      DB and the Junior League is the May 1928 production of "Hula Moon."
      These drawings are NOT for that production.

      Except for the notation on Jim's illustration, I would have said that
      Keith's latest acquisitions might have been from any of the various
      pageants DB produced while he lived in Honolulu, including those for
      Mardi Gras (1924), the Quat'z Arts balls, and assorted organizations.

      We can safely rule out 1917 (no DB pageants that year), 1918-1920 (DB
      was either in the army or away from Honolulu), and 1926 (DB was in Los
      Angeles most of the year).

      Does anyone have a means of contacting the Junior League in Honolulu
      to find out what may be in their archives?

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