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4150Paradise of the Pacific magazine

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  • Cadia Los
    Feb 25, 2007
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      Bev ...

      I'm glad you were able to locate the pre-1930 Paradise of the
      Pacific magazines to which I do not have direct access in Seattle.
      My mailing address appears on my website


      but no hurry ... whatever you find can wait until you get back to
      the mainland. I'll be interested to see the drawings you think may
      be by DB, too.

      Keith lists citations from the magazine as follows:

      Jan 1923
      Feb 1924 -- scratch this one
      Sept & Dec 1925
      June 1927
      June & Dec 1930
      Jan 1931
      Dec 1932 -- scratch this one
      Jan 1935
      Oct 1944 -- scratch this one

      So you can confirm Dec. 1925? That one did not come up when I did
      an online query for DB citations.

      I have been able to make copies of June and Dec. 1930 and Jan. 1931
      and have ordered a copy of the Jan. 1935 article by Vera Sloan. I
      looked at bound volumes of 1932 and 1944 and did not find anything
      related to DB.

      Good luck in convincing Maui CC that you need access to their
      archives. Feel free to mention the Aloha, Don Blanding Collectors
      Society if that will help!

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