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4146Honolulu Star-Bulletin, January 1 - June 20, 1917

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  • Cadia Los
    Feb 22, 2007
      Hello, all...

      I've added a number of articles about DB's early Honolulu
      experiences to Files>Publications>Honolulu Star-Bulletin>1917 (2

      The articles focus on Laniakea (Helen Alexander's arts "community")
      and the Hawaiian Society of Artists, of which DB was one of 40
      members. It's obvious that DB was mixing with both artists and
      society folks, not a bad way to get his name known!

      There was at least one Footlights Club production during this period
      but DB is not mentioned as a cast member or in any other capacity.

      One article refers to DB as "the cartoonist" so their may be some
      truth to the suggestion that he submitted cartoons to the Honolulu
      Advertiser. Certainly there is none of his work (yet) in the Star-


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