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4126Blanding Pottery

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  • Karen Cotter
    Feb 1, 2007
      I grew up eating off blue glazed Hawaiian Flowers by Blanding pottery
      and didn't know what I was eating from was in any way special. I
      remember well the teapot was not designed correctly and when you poured
      from it, the coffee (my Mom used it for coffee) came out from under the
      lid and poured on the table and only a dribble from the spout. We had
      to hold the hot lid down with a pot holder and it still seeped out. The
      spout was too far down on the body of the pot.....my mother put it in
      the Church Bazaar one holiday around 1952, tired of mopping the table
      and that was the end of the pot. Too bad we could not have foreseen

      But I still have one place setting left from those long-ago days and my
      sister has another. The other 2? - who knows! We lived in L. A.;
      everyone had what is now very collectible pottery...Poppy Trails, etc.
      It was all considered "kitchen tableware"...only fine china went to
      celebratory dinners. As many of the other posters here know, the
      pottery was made in a factory south of Los Angeles.