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4113Honolulu Star-Bulletin January 1 - June 20, 1917

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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 31, 2007
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      I've finished reading microfilm from the Star-Bulletin for January 1-
      June 20, 1917. The next batch (June 21-August 31) will wrap up 1917
      since I had previously read September-December back in 2005.

      The first mention of Don Blanding is on April 10, in connection with
      the opening of the Lanai theater at Helen Alexander's Laniakea. I
      have added several articles about Laniakea and the theater in

      Files>Publications>Honolulu Star-Bulletin>1917 Articles - Misc.

      where I have also moved the related illustration by Mrs. Cartwright.

      In May and June, there are several articles about the newly
      organized Hawaiian Society of Artists, a group of about 40 artists
      working in various media. DB is one of the 40.

      The HSA presented a group show the first 2 weeks of June. This very
      likely may have been the first exhibit of DB's work in Honolulu.

      In addition to the Lanai theater opening, DB participated in
      a "Hawaiian night" at Laniakea on May 26. He also was part of the
      entertainment at a dinner given by pianist Frank Moss on June 14 in
      honor of fellow pianist Katherine Goodson, who had given several
      recitals in Honolulu. Frank Moss and Will Lewers gave a recital at
      the Lanai theater on June 9; it featured a reading of "The Ballad of
      Reading Gaol (Oscar Wilde) and "The Raven" (Edgar Allan Poe).

      I'll transcribe more of these articles as time permits. It's
      obvious that DB was hob-nobbing with the society folk and becoming
      well-established in the Honolulu arts scene.

      In poring over miles of microfilm (it seems like!), I also came
      across many other familiar names -- Peggy Center (later the wife of
      R. Alex Anderson), Armine von Tempski, Mrs. Hamilton P. Agee (Fanny
      Heaslip Lea) and Grace Tower Warren, among others. More about them