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4108Re: Miss Ruth Norton

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  • keith2draw
    Jan 31 12:36 PM
      Alright Bev...you got me curious all over again about Ruth Norton.

      I got to thinking that when I looked into Ruth a couple of years ago I couldn't find much,
      but I now have access to more resources than I did then and I decided to poke around

      I made some progress, and here's what I came up with:

      Ruth Arvilla Norton, born in New Rockford, North Dakota on Dec. 1st (or 2nd), 1900.

      Ruth married Professor Stevenson Smith on December 2, 1920...and they were divorced in
      April 1925. Prof. Smith taught at the University of Hawaii from 1923-1924, so Don could
      have met the couple anytime between 1923 and 1925.

      The Professor went on to remarry again in Dec. 1925 and the couple had a daughter
      named Bradford (b. ca. 1928), who could be alive today and would be easy to track with
      such an unusual first name.

      I'd like to track down Ruth Arvilla Norton to see if she married again and had any children.
      The key would be to find a picture of her and try and cultivate any family gossip on her
      Honolulu days.

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