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4092Re: Don Blanding in Honolulu on Feb. 12, 1916?

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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 30, 2007
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      Hello, everyone ....

      After almost 2 years, I think I may have solved the mystery of
      Curt's poster purporting to show photos of Don Blanding and Florence
      Butler in "In a Persian Garden."


      On April 9, 1917, both DB and Miss Butler appeared in a tableaux as
      part of the opening of the Lanai Theater at Helen Alexander's
      Laniakea. The tableaux was called "Two People of Tanagra" and its
      segments were Dawn and Awakening, Bachanal, Afternoon, Elegy, Dance
      Tanagra, and Invocation. Three of the four photos easily could have
      been from this tableaux.

      In addition, DB and Robert Purvis appeared in "Two Natures Struggle
      Within Me," in which both men were very scantily clad. I think the
      solo photo of DB (dancing) may be from this tableaux.

      I'll upload a drawing done by Mrs. Bruce Cartright, Jr., that shows
      Mr. Purvis and DB as "Two Souls." The drawing also shows Miss
      Butler (Invocation) and, although the costume does not match either
      of those in the photos, I still offer the 1917 production as a

      At one point, The Footlights Club did use the Lanai Theater for its
      productions. Photos from various sources easily might have been
      mixed up and mislabeled.

      On April 19, 1917, The Footlights Club presented "The Buddha of the
      Hills" at the Diamond Head residence of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Adams.
      Blanding was not part of the cast.


      --- In aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com, Curt Blanding <curt@...>
      > I finally got back to the Diamond Head Theater in Honolulu and
      > photographs of the historical poster that I mentioned to the group
      a while ago.
      > The poster clearly claims that Don was in the play "In a Persian
      Garden" on
      > Feb. 12, 1916. This, of course, is a conflict with Keith's
      research which
      > determined that Don arrived in Honolulu in December of 1916. I
      > taken the time to try to find someone at the theater to check with
      > what documentation they have to substantiate the accuracy of their
      > I have put some of the pictures on my website and here is the URL:
      > http://www.pglg.com/blanding/don_blanding/DB_HCT_photos/index.htm
      > If you have any trouble viewing it or if you want a copy of the
      files, just
      > send me an email directly at
      > mailto:curt@...
      > Keith - If you want to check this out further, I have the name and
      > number for the director of the theater.
      > The theater has a nice website with a history page at:
      > http://www.diamondheadtheatre.com/about/history.htm
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