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4085Don Blanding Recalls ... Christmas 1916

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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 6, 2007
      As a "Happy New Year" gift to you all, I have added an article to:

      Files > Publications > Honolulu Star-Bulletin > 1954 Articles by Don

      "Don Blanding Recalls ... Christmas 1916" was published on December
      25, 1954, in the Hawaiian Life magazine section of the Honolulu Star

      The 8 photos that accompanied the article are, regrettably, not
      clear enough to scan and reproduce. However, I have included the
      captions, which will give you a good idea of the images.

      The article confirms that DB arrived in Honolulu on December 22,
      1916, aboard the Great Northern, which made an intermediate stop in
      Hilo. As I recall, the ship traveled from San Francisco via Los
      Angeles before heading across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. That
      would make December 17 DB's date of departure from San Francisco.

      The article repeats the error of Lenore Ulric portraying Luana
      in "Bird of Paradise" in Kansas City in 1916. Though Ulric played
      the role in Kansas City on a couple of occasions, she did not do so
      in either 1915 or 1916. The star in 1915 was Carlotta Monterey and
      in 1916, Olin Field.

      My best guess is that DB saw the play on December 10, continued on
      to Oklahoma later that night or the next morning, made a very brief
      visit with his family and was in San Francisco in time to make the
      December 17 sailing.

      In addition to placing the article in the Files, I have also
      published it on my website:



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