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  • Susan Shawgo
    Dec 11, 2006
      Thank you for the info. In the New Year, I will contact a patent
      attorney and see what can be done. I know the Radio Shows, dealt
      with the copy right issues, where each station paid a certain amount
      for each show and that could apply to cds... thanks ever... will
      keep you posted...

      --- In aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com, "Cadia Los" <duchess@...>
      > In answer to Suzie's original question, I came across the
      > bit of information today in connection with an eBay auction for a
      > rare Velvet Underground acetate.
      > "I'm a copyright attorney and the law is clear that the copyright
      > a sound recording does not travel with the sound recording. It
      > resides either with the person's [sic] on the recording or the
      > recording engineers and their company, or both depending on
      > facts including the contract, if any, between the engineer and the
      > band. The only thing that is certain is that it does not belong to
      > purchaser of the master."
      > Now, this opinion involves original material. However, since Dave
      > Ballard's master tapes are inherited, I would guess that the
      > copyright issue might not be too complicated after all since CD's
      > would technically be a reissue of previously broadcast material.
      > Much of the spoken material is in public domain by now. Even if
      > isn't, Dave would have obtained recording rights in some form, if
      > only limited to radio broadcast.
      > I don't know whether the 1960s LP recordings were taken directly
      > from the radio masters or were fresh recordings. I suspect the
      > latter, since I have compared a number of versions of "Vagabond's
      > House" and other pieces and have noted differences in inflection
      > sometimes in background music.
      > I'm sure that few people remain who were involved in
      > presenting "Reflections" on KIXI (through 1971) or KBLE (late
      > or even with Lew Lathrop's production facility.
      > A copyright attorney should be able to answer any questions about
      > reissuing the recordings as CD's.
      > Keith, you've produced CD's from Don Blanding's 1950s
      recording ...
      > any opinion here?
      > ~~Cadia
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