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  • suzie shawgo
    Dec 8, 2006
      I am so glad to have found this group. Don Blandings poems and stories are so timeless. It has been such a thrill to hear them again. There are too many Don Blanding works to fit on one cd, and possibly even 2, but yes, will gladly keep you posted. Suzie

      Cadia Los <duchess@...> wrote:
      Susan, I am so pleased that you have joined our group, and to
      hear of your project. I've often wondered if the master tapes
      still existed.

      Are you planning an all-Blanding disc? I know at least one
      program from January 1971 contained only Blanding pieces.

      Not long ago I purchased a fresh copy of Dave's first LP; the
      original that he gave me in 1966 is so worn that I haven't been
      able to play it in years. Such a joy to listen to it again!

      Please let us all know when the CD's are available ... I'm sure
      you'll have plenty of interest.



      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.

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