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4060Re: [aloha-donblanding] Old Don

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  • Karen Cotter
    Sep 19 7:49 PM
      TJ - if I ever get to the Paradise area you can touch the hand that touched DB! His energy was at low ebb so I doubt there's much DB Chi left there!
      ha ha

      I'm going to be in Sacramento, Redding and who knows, maybe your neck of the woods during November. I have no set schedule, just visiting friends and family and it will be before Thanksgiving as everyone is busy then.
      Would you like to give me your home phone number just in case I'm in your area?. Of course I would not call you less than three days in advance and it would be a "flyby" but it would be nice to meet you and your nice wife.

      And, you could touch my palm. :o) K

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      Karen: You always have those little surprises, like
      meeting and shaking DB's hand.....had no idea you were
      a fan in those days. I now anoit you with the hand of
      Allen Sawtelle.......and Allen, I am seriously trying
      to finish Infinite Way. I'm on my way to Oregon for 2
      weeks of crabbing and salmon fishing....maybe
      inbetween bites and pulling up crab traps I might get
      the last chapter in. I'll keep you posted.....tj

      --- Karen Cotter <doggydan@...> wrote:

      > Hello TJ - quiet here, too!
      > It's odd to think I must have been the last of those
      > posting here to
      > have seen Don before he died. When we all began
      > posting I mentioned
      > that Don's work and legend had been popping in and
      > out of my life
      > since I was born 68 years ago but I was only
      > interested in his work
      > from the '20's and '30's.
      > The one and only time I actually saw him in the
      > flesh was 1956 or
      > 1957, the year he died when he appeared at a book
      > signing on Wilshire
      > Blvd. in Los Angeles. His latest book, one of those
      > dreary religious
      > things. I didn't buy the book but brought one of my
      > old ones for a
      > signature and he frowned most unhappily at someone
      > ahead of me who'd
      > also brought an oldie. So I tucked my little book
      > behind me, shook
      > his hand and that was it. He looked red-faced and
      > not well and I
      > wished I'd not gone.
      > Poor Don was like a sky-rocket - a fast climb to a
      > major display of
      > fire and sparks with lots of noisy commotion and an
      > sputtering
      > descent into oblivion. Except for me, there wasn't
      > a well-wisher
      > under 70 - and that was 50 years ago. Carpe diem!

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