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4047"Private Don" in the Army, 1942-43

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  • Cadia Los
    Jul 9, 2006
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      Hello, all ..

      I think I've identified the inscription on the photo of DB in
      uniform that I uploaded a few days ago. While I was looking through
      the Files for something else, I happened to look at the postcards
      sent by DB to Nellie Hayes McMurray in the 1940s.

      Bingo! "N H Mc" on the photo has to be Nellie!

      With the photo I received several documents. One is a
      typed "bulletin" written from Fort Ontario, NY, where he was
      undergoing "intensive training."


      On the back is a handwritten note signed "Private Don."


      A second document, also typed and signed, describes the genesis
      of "Soldier's Baby" (Pilot Bails Out) and includes the poem that was
      originally titled "To Gail."


      Both pages have been folded and were once pasted into a book or
      scrapbook but are in remarkably good condition.

      Although I bought the documents with the photo, I can't be certain
      that they were sent to Nellie, but it's very possible.

      I tried to upload these images to the group website, but they end up
      looking like "mush" so you'll have to copy and paste the URL's to
      view them.


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