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    May 30, 2006
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      What I found in Livingstone Montana so far is that
      James Blanding owned property in upper Yellowstone
      near Gardner Montana. Gardner is the gateway to
      original Yellowstone. He helped carve roads into the
      "new" National Park starting about 1894 or close to
      that year. He had a ranch (or farm). I found out
      that the railroad would have gone through Livingston
      and on to Gardner when DB was going there for his
      summers with his Uncle. There was a small hill inside
      of Yellowstone named Blanding Hill, probably after
      James Blanding. That was changed in 1958 when more
      modern road were built and Blanding Hill was taken
      out. I have an interesting newspaper blurb about
      James Blandings trek to Montana from the East in which
      he describes the teams as using cow chips for fires
      and the youngst cowboy would be elected to go collect
      the chips as per tradition, etc. I have some new
      friends at the Livingston Library checking out where
      James Blandings ranch was and if it still exists,
      which I doubt. I have microfiche on order from
      1894-1912 of the local newspapers of the time. I
      don't expect much in the way of discoveries, quite
      frankly, but it's one more thing to explore. Wouldn't
      it be neat to find a newspaper photo of young DB and
      his uncle? Back home again though Montana was hard
      to leave....tj

      --- Cadia Los <duchess@...> wrote:

      Keith and TJ ...

      Here's what I have so far on James C. Blanding, elder
      brother of Hugh
      Ross Blanding:

      1850 census:

      b. abt 1848 - Wisconsin (age 2)
      son of Joseph and Maria Blanding
      Father b. PA; mother b. WI
      Residence: Grant County, WI (Lancaster, I think)

      1860 census:

      ditto (age 12)
      Residence: Watertown, Grant Co., WI

      1870 census:

      I don't have this one yet. Will check this weekend.

      1880 census: June 7 & 8

      b. abt 1845 - Pennsylvania (age 32), Surveyor
      Wife: Christina, age 27, b. Sweden (F/M also b.
      Residing: Sheridan, Pennington Co., Dakota Territory

      NOTE: I believe this is our James C., but note PA as
      Since mother Maria was b. WI, I believe all her
      children were b. WI.
      Census page correctly lists F/M birthplace as PA and
      WI, respectively.

      Now here's the goodie I discovered while rambling on
      last night ....

      1890 Veterans Schedules Record:

      James C. Blanding, Private, Company A, 41st Wisconsin
      Enlisted: May 6, 1862
      Discharged: July 25, 1865
      Years of Service: 3
      No disabilities noted
      Residence: June 1890 - Cascade, Cascade County, MT
      Post Office Address: Grand Coulee, MT
      House No.: 207 (no street given)

      Yes, I know our James C. would have been about age 14
      or 15 upon
      enlistment, but that was not unusual. It would be
      worth checking
      further to find out if Pvt. James C. enlisted from
      Grant County.
      There's another Blanding line in St. Croix, Polk
      County, WI -- not
      connected to our Blandings as far as I know. Maybe a
      relationship if one or more of the Pennsylvania
      Blandings settled in
      Polk County.

      Keith, I have the citation but not the document for
      the 1910 census

      James C. Blanding
      b. abt 1847 - Pennsylvania
      Residence: Jardine School District, Park County, MT

      I'm pretty sure this is our guy, but that PA
      birthplace bugs me! It
      shows up again ....

      1920 census: January 23

      b. abt. 1847 - Pennsylvania (age 73), Farmer
      Wife: Mary, age 50, b. Sweden
      Residence: Livingston Ward 2, Park County, MT

      Again, James' F/M listed as b. PA and WI,
      respectively. I believe
      Mary (also "May" on Ancestry.com) was a 2nd wife,
      given the age

      James C. does not appear on the 1930 census.

      Why would he indicate PA as his birthplace and not
      There's no disputing the 1850 and 1860 census
      information. Here's
      what I think:

      If Pvt. James C. is our guy, maybe he fudged his age
      to enlist. If
      so, he might have given PA as his birthplace because
      authorities could not easily check it and find out his
      real age.
      Since our James' father, Joseph, was from Pennsylvania
      ... well, why
      not? A little fib in 1862 may have followed James the
      rest of his

      That's it for now.


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