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4011Re: [aloha-donblanding] WOW early painting by Blanding - just won on ebay!

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    May 25, 2006
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      Wow! Am I jealous. Thats a real find for $500. I'm
      in Livingston Montana and his painting looks like what
      I am seeing every day. I spent one whole day tracking
      down info on James Blanding, his uncle that lived in
      Gardner and worked in Yellowstone building roads.
      Can't drum up any specific info about him though. I
      got some names of locals but its Memorial Day and they
      are gone. Will follow up when I get home. I'm going
      to the local museum in Livingston over the holiday as
      they have a special show, etc, related to the
      railroads of that era. Thats how DB would have gotten
      here from Oklahoma. Never know what will turn
      up.....great find Keith! I would have bought it for

      --- keith2draw <keith2draw@...> wrote:

      Hi all,

      I spent most of the night up with a sick child, and
      was up early looking over ebay and lo and
      behold I was rewarded for my misery by finding a
      painting by Don Blanding for sale.

      I've been collecting Blanding stuff now for six years
      but have yet to aquire any artwork by the
      man...until now, and boy, it's a doozie! Painted in
      his Art Institute days...it's a landscape
      (possibly from Canada) and I have confimed his
      signature and the story behind it.

      Here's the link for the ebay listing:


      A very excited (and tired) Keith

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