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4007Re: Unpublished manuscript - No Strings on Tomorrow

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  • keith2draw
    May 13, 2006
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      I would recommend you self-publish 'No Strings' as I think there would only be a very small
      market for this book, and no publishers are going to back it. As with 'Joy is an inside Job,'
      Don had wandered so far from his Hawaiian poetry roots that only his most loyal fans bought
      copies and from what I have gleaned from the archives of Dodd, Mead & Company, it was a
      money loser and they published 'Joy' more as a favor to Don than anything else.

      If you were to print a limited edition of about fifty copies, I think some from this group would
      buy copies, and you could donate a few to museums and libraries in the places Don lived. It
      would be a nice tribute, but don't expect to recoup your costs...I haven't really made much
      from the Lost Works books I published in December.

      Just my two cents worth...and don't take it as being negative...I just know that publishers out
      there want sure sellers, and 'No Strings' is an obscure, slightly metaphysical last work of a
      little-known author.

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