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4000Modern reprints of DB's books

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  • Cadia Los
    May 2, 2006
      I've just unearthed a list I made last August of modern reprints of
      several of DB's books. Some, I actually own, but there are a few

      Vagabond's House, Applewood Books, October 2002, ISBN 1-55709-239-3

      Vagabond's House, Buccaneer Books, Inc., 1992, ISBN 0-89968-294-4

      Rest of the Road, Amereon, Limited, no date, ISBN 0-8488-1894-6

      Leaves from a Grass House, Booklines Hawaii, Limited, no date, ISBN 0-

      The other modern reprints (which I have) are Paradise Loot and Leaves
      from a Grass House (both Petroglyph Press, Limited); and Floridays
      (Peninsula Press and Florida Classics Library).

      All were in print as of August 6, 2005.

      Does anyone have any of these?

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