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4[aloha-donblanding] Don Blanding

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  • TikiRoom18@aol.com
    Jan 17, 2000
      Hello Group

      Nice to see this list up and running.. I also hope that all will take full
      advantage of this group's possibilities and make friends and share

      I am personally not a writer and don't intend to pen the "Don Blanding
      Story" anytime soon, but it would be nice to learn more about thsi
      interesting man. It does seems that all we know about him is what he chose to
      reveal through his writing. He does share interesing tidbits that have his
      fans wondering about what and who he was talking about.

      I just received a copy of "Joy Is An Inside Job" and found this book to be
      a definate departure for him in writing style and focus. Does anyone know if
      Don was involved formally with the Science Of Mind movement? He thanks them
      in the dedication of a couple of books that I know of, but he may just have
      been a casual reader, a spiritual vagabond of sorts....

      What did Don die of? I have wondered about that. "Joy..." mentions he
      suffered from Neuritis but I haven't heard that he died of it. Has anyone
      seen his obituary in the Honolulu paper?

      I'll leave off here.. Im just glad to find this group, I will have many
      more questions, this man was certainly an interesting, enigmatic man...


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