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3997Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Honolulu Star Bulletin 1923 and 1928

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  • SSchnei548@aol.com
    Apr 30, 2006
      TJ = The book I referred to is about Orre Nelson Nobles, currently being
      written by a man in Union, Washington. I have spent the last year trying to
      help him with information regarding the Nobles family and their Hood Canal home.

      As a kid, I remembered seeing a framed hand written, by DB, poem to Orre
      about his Vagabond's House, hung on the wall over the guest book in "Olympus
      Manor's" music room. The manor burned and most everything was lost, however,
      Orre found the frame and although burned around the edges was still readable.
      He had it reframed and kept it until he died. Last year I was able to purchase
      that as well as the picture of DB that Keith used for his book from a book
      dealer in Georgia of all places.

      The Manor has quite a history as an artist colony in the 20's and on.

      Enough of my rambling - if you are interested in further information
      regarding the book, etc. I'm happy to share. You might check out the U of W archives
      - just put in Orre Nelson Nobles and chick on U of W pictures and archives.


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