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3991Re: Honolulu Star Bulletin 1923 and 1928

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  • keith2draw
    Apr 28, 2006
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      Great find on the Honolulu/Seattle stuff.

      I knew Don had spent awhile in Seattle, but I didn't realize he had left as early as mid-July,
      1928. He had had a busy summer what with the first Lei Day and the musical production
      of Hula Moon...he probably needed a break. He signed his Vagabond's House agreement
      with Dodd, Mead & Comany on June 6th and probably got a good cash advance to travel
      with. Did he return then for the funeral?

      I'm not so sure Orre Nobles' Olympia Mansion was the actual artist's coloney...although it
      may have been. I know Don was friends with the Chase brothers in Seattle. Waldo Chase
      and W. Corwin Chase were artist's who formed a colony of sorts in a teepee on the bank of
      some river (I forget which one) and I know that Don visited their studio in 1928.

      The famous photo of Don in a raincoat which was printed on his Vagabond's House
      promotional postcards was taken by a well known photographer in Seattle while he stayed
      there. Also, it's said the first printed copy Don saw of Vagabond's House was in a Seattle
      window, and his first lecture was held in Seattle too, at the home of a socialite. It's
      interesting to hear that Earl Cohan was there with him too. They went to New York
      together and founded the studio there.

      So I think Don had a busy four or five months in Seattle and I'd like to do a little more
      digging in your neck of the woods.

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