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3988Honolulu Star Bulletin 1923 and 1928

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  • Cadia Los
    Apr 27, 2006
      Hi, all ...

      First, Keith, I know you did a great job with the Kingfisher gig.
      Please say you'll do more of them ... DB was a popular speaker in so
      many places. Libraries, civic clubs, historical societies would be
      ideal venues.

      Now, to my news:

      I finally received more microfilm, from 1923 and 1928, after waiting
      nearly 4 months.

      The July 11-September 1928 batch has yielded a few choice bits of
      information. First, as we already knew, DB's mother Ida died in
      Honolulu on July 28, 1928, at age 73. What we did not know is that
      bronchial pneumonia was the cause after a 3-day illness. She died at
      Queen's Hospital at 5:30 a.m. Saturday; her funeral was Monday July
      30 at 4:30 p.m. No mention of whether she was buried near her son
      James (who died in 1926 in Honolulu) or if her remains were sent back
      to Oklahoma, where husband Hugh was buried in 1921.

      The obit claims she was 79, but we know she was born in February
      1855. The vital stats column of July 30 gives her address as 1415
      Kinau Street, Honolulu.

      Sadly, DB was not in Honolulu when his mother passed away. On July
      13, he had sailed aboard the Niagara (Canadian-Australasian Royal
      Mail Line) to Seattle, via British Columbia.

      At the time I retrieved the passenger list, I merely confirmed
      DB's name was on it and went on reading microfilm. Last night, I
      came across an article (August 15) about DB, reprinted from the
      Seattle Post-Intelligencer of August 1. Low and behold, Earl Cohan
      (later, aka Earl Challenger) was with DB on the trip from Honolulu to
      Seattle, where they intended to stay for awhile!

      I knew that DB was in Seattle in October 1928 (from finding Seattle
      Times items) but this is the first mention that he was there as early
      as July ... and with Earl. Nice article, and I will trasscribe it
      soon, this weekend if I get a chance.

      All this time, I had thought DB merely stopped in Seattle en route to
      see his publisher in New York, pending publication of Vagabond's
      House. There were hints from the book about Orre Nobles that DB
      remained in Seattle for the winter (with perhaps a quick trip to
      NY?), but this article gives more weight to the idea that he remained
      there for an extended time to work. There's mention of an "artist's
      colony" near Seattle; I suspect this was Orre Nobles' place on the
      Kitsap Peninsula.

      I'll continue reading film and check in again on Saturday.

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