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3973Re: Don Blanding talks

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  • keith2draw
    Apr 4, 2006
      Tom...here's how I'd answer those questions if they were to come up:

      1. If he's from Oklahoma, how does he rate so high in Hawaii....you know the desert vs the
      sea kind of thing? Where we're born and where we blossom are two different things.

      2. Why wasn't he married sooner? Was he gay? He may have been gay, he may have been
      bi-sexual, he may have been straight. There's not enough evidence to prove anything one
      way or the other, and it's not really relevant to his life's work in any case.

      3. Why wasn't he more popular in Hollywood, if he was so good? Don was a very small fish in
      a very large pond (Hollywood).

      4. Why do you think he disappeared off the map after he died? Do you think you can really
      revive his work and life? If he had written fiction instead of poetry he would have had more
      staying power. The fact that five of his books are still being printed a half century after his
      death tells me that he never really disappeared completely though.

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